Harry Love Interest In Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince

Published: 05th July 2009
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This summer enjoy a great suspense thriller along with a touch of sweet love to it. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, the much awaited movie is about to be released this summer in July. The magical world of Harry Potter has gripped the world in trance since the release of its first novel in 1998 and yet the magic continues.

Along with the dark plot of the movie, there is a love show in the movie as well to bring some spice and excitement to the suspense thriller. Although the magic of the swishing wands and exciting tricks keep you glued to the movie, yet the previous series lacked the spice of love.

The movie Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince has an air of suspense in it yet an air of love and harmony flows along with it. In this movie, Harry finally comes to face the reality that he has developed feelings of love for Ginny, Ron's sister. Initially since the third series of the movie, Harry has been after Choc Hang like a lovesick puppy, but he soon realises that it is nothing but an infatuation and same is the situation on her part.

Although Harry remains in her trance for two years, but the bubble of ecstasy soon breaks with a huge argument followed by a break up. After his break up with Choc, Harry realises that Ginny is the right person for him as she is a strong independent girl and nobody can take care for him as she does. Since the very first day, she had a huge crush on him, but she was never able to expresses her excitement as she always turned shy and embarrassed in front of him.

Her personality bloomed when she finally got over with these silly feelings of her. When Ginny arrived at Hogwarts, she realised that even if she fell for Harry he wouldn't notice or care as he was too much involved with Choc Hang at that time and only looked upon her as Ron's sister.

Still he saved her from death by risking his own life at his second year at Hogwarts. Even then, he did not fall for her and she secretly kept on loving him. Finally, she decides to move on and starts dating Dean Thomas, Harry's class fellow. She continues to flip through many affairs and has various boyfriends throughout the year.

Although her loyalties remain with Harry, she just wishes for the right time to come and make him realise that she loves him. Finally, after his break up with Choc Hang Harry substantiates that he has something very strong in his heart for Ginny and confesses his love to her after a Quidditch match.

The sweet love story of Harry Potter and Ginny continues throughout the movie. Ron is also contended with his sister finally, and Harry and Ginny make one happy couple. This is the exciting sweet love story of Harry Potter in the upcoming movie.

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