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Published: 02nd September 2009
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Cinema has attained a central place in our daily life. We go there on weekends to watch the latest flicks. We also go there to watch any old movies being screened due to a film festival. Additionally, cinemas are also a popular spot in a neighborhood because they have opened their doors for all types of parties and events. They now act as a great venue instead of a place where movies are screened and people come in droves to watch the recent blockbusters.

The venue hire function of these cinemas has added to their popularity. Take any neighborhood cinema as a test case and observe the happenings. You would see that the place is hosting parties, private movie screenings, theater performances, political events and even religious ceremonies. This multi-purpose use of cinemas has resulted in a competition amongst the cinema operators to maximise their profits. The ultimate beneficiaries of this trade are common people, as they can get better deals and greater discounts.

Some big names in the industry, especially Odeon Cinemas UK, are also fully utilising this trend of cinematic revival. The history and prestige associated with Odeon Cinemas allows for a greater appreciation of any event hosted on their premises. They also have one of the biggest cinemas and related facilities in the UK and thus offer more space. Huge parties can also be held in some of these Odeon cinemas.

These cinemas offer the following venue hire options for parties and other events.


You can host any type of party in these cinemas. Odeon will roll out red carpets for the occasion and will give you an option to hire local orchestra or disc jockeys. Any type of private or open parties can be hosted, as there is no restriction on the nature of these parties by the cinema management.

Children's events

You can also ask your local cinema management to arrange for a children's event. A birthday party, a high school prom, or any other event for your children can be arranged here.

Religious ceremonies

You can also arrange religious ceremonies by hiring a cinema theatre. The religious ceremonies can include circumcision or coming of age ceremonies for young children. You can also hold religious weddings and funerals as well as religious commitment ceremonies in the cinema venues.

Corporate events
Corporate events have become quite a costly affair. If you want to arrange them in a hotel, be sure that the bill would be humongous. Arranging these business meetings and corporate events in a cinema, on the other hand, is quite cost effective. A business meeting held in the open environment of a cinema also allows for friendlier conversations. You might also find it easy to strike business deal in such atmosphere.

Variety events

Fashion shows and television recordings can also be arranged in a cinema venue. Odeon Cinema is known for holding many famous fashion and reality shows. Similarly, you can also arrange a variety show or charity event in these cinemas.

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