What To Buy Your Boyfriend This Christmas

Published: 16th November 2008
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Sometimes, the simple things in life can do wonders to take a relationship to new heights. If you want to totally impress your guy, get him a gift that shows him how much he is worth to you. Men usually do not really care about the cost of the gift, but its utility. So, when planning what to get him this Christmas, do not empty out your piggy bank - you will also need to dip in for the birthday, Valentine's Day and perhaps your engagement.

Your gift should be very special but not to the point of being too romantic or intimate. After all, men are notoriously commitment-phobic, and you do not want to drives yours away. That does not have to mean that you should buy only highly impersonal gifts from the Christmas counter at the local supermarket.

For adding a little warmth to Christmas, consider baking a boxful of cookies for your boyfriend and wrapping them up in colourful paper. After all, as they say, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach!

If your guy is a go-getter, get him a classic leather-bound organiser or a Portfolio bag. Help his corporate image and buy dress shirts and/or ties for him. To add a little personal touch, knit him a muffler to beat the cold. If that seems like too much work buy a muffler and monogram it with his initials.

Books also make a great gift and rightly chosen are an ideal companion on a snug winter hearth. To make it more fun, buy a joke book, and that way you will have a ready source of laughs to share for a long time.

Another wonderful gift would be a coffee mug that he can take to the office. After all, you want to be always in his heart or mind. For every guy who has a new ride, or one he completely adores, buy him a car accessory like an air freshener, football rear view mirror hanging or even a toolbox if he has wanted one for some time.

Every man fantasises about a pint of beer every now and then. So make their dreams come true and get your man a collection of the best beers. Many companies offer such packages around holiday time and these can be easily purchased off the internet. If you are keeping it elegant and sophisticated this Christmas, buy a bottle of special vintage wine and present in a basket with two wine glasses to complete the hamper. If you find a cute bottle opener (I found a totally cool magnetic one for the refrigerator), forget the beer; this gift would indeed be more appreciated.

Personally, I think cufflinks and wallets are a very dated gift but then, if the need arises and you find your special friend to be without one of either, they may make a wonderful Christmas gift. It all depends on what the right thing is at the right time.

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