What To Buy Your Daughter This Christmas

Published: 05th November 2008
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A daughter is like a princess to all parents. Make her feel like one this Christmas by getting a really special gift for her. The present will depend on what age your princess is.

For the younger ones dolls, doll houses, tea sets and doctor kits make very special gifts - and are bound to make her jump with joy. The little one will also appreciate stuffed toys - and even a special Christmas quilt (the one from the movie Stepmom never fails to inspire me). She would also love her own vanity table with a mirror and brushes.

A unique gift would be an activity kit, which is available from many craft stores, and with which you can make dolls, soap, wall hangings and even totes. Help her create these wonders and let her soar on the wings of accomplishment.

This holiday, never mind the dreaded sugar high and fill up her stockings to bursting with candy. After all, Christmas only comes once a year.

The most fun is shopping for a teenage girl, and if your daughter is one you can be sure to find a lot of interesting gifts for her. If she has been eyeing a particular tote, jacket or top in the mall, surprise her by wrapping it up and putting it under the Christmas tree.

Jewellery and wristwatches also make for an admirable gift. Be a cool mum or dad, and buy your daughter a set of assorted nail colours or a French manicure kit. She will not stop thanking you until well into New Year's. Other gifts for teenage girls may include cell phones, sunglasses, lip-gloss, flip flops, fancy pens and bath salts. She would also love her very own clutch or stilettos that she can show off to her friends.

As girls grow older, they become even more attached to their parents. If your daughter is a working woman, or is married, you probably do not see her enough to express how much you love her. So, Christmas time is a good time to do so. Older daughters would love to receive a fruit or chocolate basket from you. If she has a favourite cake that you bake, bake it for her this Christmas and wrap it up in a pretty paper and tie a bow around it. Do not limit yourself to cakes; make her a basket full of food goodies if you want to.

You may also want to buy her a wrap or a cap. If she has her own house or apartment, consider getting her a sofa throw. Sofas could also do with plump cushions in assorted designs. How about a nice night light for her bedside, or an exquisite lamp that she can place in her living room?

You might also buy her a year's subscription to her favourite magazine. That would always give you something to talk about over a cup of coffee. Knit her a sweater or a scarf and she will love you even more for taking out the time.

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